Blockchain Solutions for Various Verticals.


One of the happening technologies currently is Blockchain, which is otherwise known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Blockchain is the underlying technology powering all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ether being the most prominent among them. Blockchain can also be implemented in businesses without the need for cryptocurrency and is outstanding in its benefits such as single version of truth, privacy and security.

The nature of Blockchain is one of fundamentally impacting an organization’s supply chain, work flow processes, record keeping and statutory compliance. Blockchain has a beneficial impact on stakeholders – both internal and external, by bringing greater transparency and end-to-end visibility on transactions, processes and other functional aspects of an organization’s ecosystem. Its effects are far-reaching as it helps build trust and integrity, thus increasing the value of the enterprise.​

For a Cryptocurrency-based ICO project, we had developed the KYC and AML parts as a prelude to the offering of the coin from the platform and had also prepared the Smart Contracts for execution on the Ethereum Blockchain network.

Smart Centric offers a complete Fleet Management Platform with Intelligent Logistics Tracking (ILT) and Cold Chain. The platform enables Live Vehicle Tracking with features on up-to-date maintenance records, insights on driver behavior and a vehicle scorecard.

Farm-to-Fork Agricultural Blockchain
End-to-End Blockchain Enabled Supply Chain

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