IoT that delivers on RoI

Internet of Things

IoT has become the infrastructure backbone of the Internet economy. Simply put, IoT enables devices to talk to each other seamlessly over a network without human intervention and update themselves with real-time actionable data. Today, there are more devices connected to the Internet than there are humans and this trend is only going to accelerate in the future, with the smartphone turning out to be perhaps the equivalent of a remote that can control any device on the network.

An IoT architecture would usually comprise sensors, routers, switches, smart devices, gateways and a plethora of other gadgets that may be specific to an industry. These would be connected via LAN, WAN, WiFi, RFID, GPRS, GPS, TCP/IP and other communication protocols to form a grid of connected devices communicating and generating in real time copious amounts of data on the status of various objects, whether they are on/off, connected/disconnected, various physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, humidity levels and so on. In essence, IoT enables the equivalent of health checks on the various devices on a network and provides alerts for timely action, be it manual or automated.

Smart Centric has implemented various IoT-led solutions in various verticals such as Fleet Management, BFSI, Education, Food Delivery, Pet Tracking and Power Management. In BFSI, we developed a gateway device from ground up that can communicate with various cameras and sensors for bank ATMs. With Fleet Management, we developed an Integrated Logistics Tracking solution. In Education, we implemented a Student Tracking System. We also developed GPRS-based Wireless Printers to print food orders over the net for restaurants, a collar-like device for Pet Tracking to track dogs comprising RFID, GPRS and GPS and a device to measure and regulate power consumption in offices and households.

Smart Centric offers a complete Fleet Management Platform with Intelligent Logistics Tracking (ILT) and Cold Chain. The platform enables Live Vehicle Tracking with features on up-to-date maintenance records, insights on driver behavior and a vehicle scorecard.

Smart Centric also intends to drive the benefits of IoT and Blockchain based automation in the agricultural sector including cold chain and looks forward to partnering with the Government on this initiative. We can help your organization with any solution involving IoT, as we have considerable experience implementing IoT solutions across industries and use cases. Please get in touch with us.