Building AI Powered Adaptive Solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

Today, there is no field that is left untouched by the influence of AI. Right from agriculture to heavy industry to online commerce to transportation to education to financial services to healthcare and more, AI has a pervasive presence in almost every aspect of the value chain and will continue its relentless march in the automation of routine tasks, pattern recognition, predictive analytics and insights for decision making.

Smart Centric has developed solutions based on AI in both the BFSI and Education markets. In the BFSI space, Smart Centric implemented an Esurveillance solution for banks to enable a 360 view of their ATM assets, resulting in lowered costs, faster event response times and greater customer satisfaction, from a safety and security standpoint.

In the Education space, Smart Centric developed and installed an AI-driven offline Voice-enabled software on 10” Android-based touchscreen tablets comprising answers to questions on various school curriculum subjects and distributed it to over 8,300 schools in 83 aspirational districts in 13 states in India. This helped students understand critical concepts in various subjects and introduced them to the technologies of the future such as IoT, AI, ML, Robotics, VR/AR, Blockchain, RFID etc, resulting in favorable outcomes such as improved attendance, increased class participation and an appreciation for technology in general.

The solution comprised an AI-powered back engine that updated itself whenever the tablet could establish a net connection from the remote area, the index of questions both answered and unanswered, while fetching the answers in real-time for the unanswered questions and thus making it a learning algorithm that could provide more answers as the number of questions increased. The architecture so designed for this purpose could ensure that the poor net connectivity in some of the aspirational districts would not become a limiting factor hindering the learning of the students and would update itself remotely in a self-learning manner so that the same question asked again later would fetch the right answer.

Our Solution Offerings and our Roadmap for AI

Our range of AI-based Solution offerings covers the gamut of business problems facing enterprises in these times of having to deal with Big (and many times unstructured) Data and the need for optimization algorithms to manage the same, with insights for informed decision-making

Smart Centric has the capability to develop and implement a variety of AI-based solutions for your organization and we would encourage you to get in touch with us.